NANA - Healthy Living/Healthy Sexuality - "Healing broken lives from the pain of guilt and shame."

Join us on Tuesday's for Bible class from 10:00 a.m. to noon.  303 341-7500 for more details.                                   

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NANA Naked and Not Ashamed
"The Ramona Brown Story"
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 "The Ramona Brown Story"
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NANA - Healthy Living
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"Healthy for Life"
The information that you will read is from research and experience about the connection between abuse, high risk behaviors, how traumatic memories are stored and what can be started to bring healthy thoughts after trauma. We will also discuss the role of our temperament, personality and the brain; ending the curriculum with how to activate new healthy principles to change toxic memories and behaviors.  To purchase your copy go to:

"Uncovering Cycles, Seasons, Stages and Test" Healthy Living Model IV

Uncovering Cycles, Seasons, Stages and Test is available at this location.


New Books Published by Dr. Ramona Brown
Part 1 & 2 by Pastor Ramona 

NANA- Beaumont Texas

The Naked & Not Ashamed conference and production helps to expose the stronghold of guilt and shame in the lives of victims who have been perpetrated.  We will equip victims of these serious offenses by giving them tools and principals on how to live a life free from unforgiveness, anger, shame, guilt, and condemnation.