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NANA Workshop

We are currently doing classes in the Denver Women's Correctional facilities in Colorado. If you are interested in workshops or training please contact us at 



Identifying anger, depression, stress, rejection and co-dependency. This book helps your self-image, gives you practical ways you can learn to Change habits. These materials also will help victims identify abuse, helping victims receive professional and spiritual help. Why? Because the long-term emotional and psychological damage of abuse can be devastating to children and adults.

Healthy Living Models I & 2 Healthy Living happens when we have balance in our lives, positive thinking and our bad attitude, compulsive behavior, negative feelings and emotions are dealt with we use strategies to become whole and walk in a higher level of thinking. Healthy Living Model 3 This model will continue to help individuals to 1) focus on health (being healthy spiritually, mentally and physically) 2) more information focusing on how one can be healed from a paralyzed soul 3) The Myths and Truths of Relationships 4) Understanding you dominant nature. One will gain incredible knowledge moving to a greater understanding of healing of the soul, body and spirit.

The Brain & Temperament The human brain is most dynamic and highly evolved it weighs three pounds. Our brain chemistry influences the major domains of health: memory, attention, temperament and personality, and physical well-being. It takes 18 years for the brain to mature and grow – so as we get older our brain should become better and stronger. The brain, mind and body are all connected and integrated together for our living.

The Four Cycles of Healing Health is the foundation for life. Being healthy spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially, intellectually and environmentally is God’s plan for His people. There are many facets of health. In the bible we see that health is defined as refreshment to our bones, gracious words that are sweet to the soul; the life of our spirit; when our wounds are healed; abundance of prosperity and security; good fruit without disease; a healthy eye that releases light to the body; and a healthy mind. Join us in our discussion of Healthy Living Model VI.

Healing Memories of Rejection Thoughts of rejection are connected to our memory from trauma or stressful experiences. These thoughts are toxic and are root problems in our thought life, behavior, attitude and our future. Roots can not be seen because its under the surface. Rejection cannot be seen its hidden but it can be seen by the fruit it produces.


Trauma and the Brain!

Building the Lives of Survivors!

Building Strong Families


Hosted By: Dr. Ramona C. Brown Th.D.


Healthy Living Models I & II. 

Trauma & the Brain The information that we will discuss is from research and experience about the connection between abuse, high risk behaviors, how traumatic memories are stored and what can be started to bring healthy thoughts after trauma. All experiences change the brain this is because the brain is designed to change in response to patterned and repetitive stimulation. When fear is stimulated and associated with trauma it changes the brain. For the last twenty years neurosciences have learned how fear and trauma influence the mature brain and also the developing brain.

Cycles, Seasons, Stages & Test

Goals for the Curriculum

1) Health – Where am I in the 6-foundation for life

2) Season – How to understand the different seasons and how to discern the times, activities and fruit.

3) Cycles – How to understand the cycles of birthing, growing, reproducing and dying.

4) Stages – What are the stages and how to heal those stages that have brokenness.

5) Test – Examining, analyzing, and discussing how the tests of life build character, strength, momentum and resilience.   

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"The 4-Cycles of Healing"

The information that we will share is from research and experience about the connection between abuse, high risk behaviors, how traumatic memories are stored and what can be replaced in a person life to bring healthy thoughts and actions after trauma. For may details contact me at

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