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All Glory to You Lord

By Pastor Ramona Brown

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Peace to You

By Pastors Lewis & Ramona Brown

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A Heart That Forgives

Forgiveness is the key to Freedom!!

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Incredible God

He has done Great Things!!

About Us

The Naked & Not Ashamed conference and production help to expose the stronghold of guilt and shame in the lives of victims who have been perpetrated. We will equip victims of these serious offenses by giving them life-changing tools and principals on how to live a life free from unforgiveness, anger, shame, guilt, and condemnation. Our vision is to transform defeated individuals and end the cycle of abuse through the process of recognition, acknowledgment, liberation, and recovery. 

Victims will be empowered with the necessary competencies such as - healthy living/wellness tools, developing healthy relationships, personal/professional skills enhancements, financial empowerment, and healthy sexuality skills.

NANA uses a five-phase approach to support our mission and goals. Maintaining confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Participant needs and goals for the program will be assessed at the beginning of the program. Our model is a 10 month program, and we require participants to commit to the 10 month program. In addition to the 10 month five-phase program, weekly career skills assessments, counseling another programming is planned.

Mailing Address

NANA Healthy Living

P.O. Box 472442

Aurora, CO 80047

The success formula for purpose is 1) right place 2) right time 3) right people 4)  doing the right thing.   Psalm1:1-3 the tree analog 1) leaf people (weak and shady) branch people (stronger but can break away when it get tough) 3) root people are those who (hold you up to come what may and nourish you and feed and water you). What are you?

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